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We are one of the leading Supplier of all Indian Journals.


Burgeon today, is probably the most organized efficient and customer friendly supplier company in India. Burgeon has continuously changed and adapted its functioning with the sole aim of customer satisfaction. Our wide and varied profile of customers spread over the country and outside speaks for the level of services provided by us. Burgeon has made drastic changes in its functions and systems over the past few years and has also constantly introduced new value added services for its customers.

The high reputation that Burgeon enjoys in this field has been acquired through years of experience and efficient service, which is today our biggest asset our marketing efforts in a big way.

Back Volumes/Back Issues:
We believe we offer the most comprehensive back volume service in the world, fulfilling our clients’ orders. In cases where we receive an enquiry for back volumes and back issues that we do not hold in stock, we will check all possible sources, on request, from our bases in the India.

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Burgeon Stationery House is a leading supplier of stationary products. Sales are processed through multiple channels, consisting of supply stores, a contract sales force, Internet sites, direct marketing catalogs.all supported by its network of cross docks, warehouses and delivery operations.

In our unique compilation of goods, we offer school stationery,Office Stationery,executive calender,School notebooks,notepads and diaries. These are opted by different undertakings for the proper packaging of their products, while the stationary are of great help for academicians.

Product Description:

1. Color: can be custom
2.Size: can be custom
3. We are the factory
4. Eco-friendly

Note book

1) Sizes and designs are available according to customers’ requirement

2) OEM and ODM are available

3) Resonable price and No. 1 quality

4) Material: Can be custom

5) Color: Can be custom


1. International Standard

2. Without Glue Adhesive

3. Non-Toxic

4. Environmental Protection

5. Durability, Water-proof, Anti-freeze

6. Fine Print Patterns

7. Customizeation Welcome


1. Professional Manufacturer

2. Good quality and best severice

Cangnan Lide

Specialize in custom made note book for stationery & promotional use.


50% deposit and balance before shipping

Payment Terms:

L/C (Letter of Credit)/D/A/D/P/T/T (Bank Transfer)/Western Union/Other



Paper Envelopes
S.No. Description Size Product Code GSM
1 Classic White 6X3.5 BSCW635 80 gsm
2 Classic White 9X4 BSCW94 80 gsm
3 Classic White 10X4.5 BSCW1045 80 gsm
4 Classic White 11X5 BSCW115 80 gsm
5 Classic G Polynet 9.5X4.5 BSCGP9545 80 gsm
6 Classic Green Polynet 11X5 BSCGP115 80 gsm
7 Classic Green Polynet 10X8 BSCGP108 80 gsm
8 Classic Green Polynet 12X10 BSCGP1210 80 gsm
9 Classic Green Polynet 14X10 BSCGP1410 80 gsm
10 Classic Green Polynet 16X12 BSCGP1612 80 gsm
11 Classic Green Polynet 18X14 BSCGP1814 80 gsm
12 Regular White 6X3.5 BSRW635 80 gsm
13 Regular White 9X4 BSRW94 80 gsm
14 Regular White 10X4.5 BSRW1045 80 gsm
15 Regular White 11X5 BSRW115 80 gsm
16 Super Yellow Laminated 8X10 BSSYL810 100 gsm
17 Super Yellow Laminated 10X12 BSSYL1012 100 gsm
18 Super Yellow Laminated 10X14 BSSYL1014 100 gsm
19 Super Yellow Laminated 12X16 BSSYL1216 100 gsm
20 Super Yellow Laminated 8X10 BSSYL810 100 gsm
21 Premium White Laminated 11X5 BSPWL115 120 gsm
22 Premium White Laminated 10X12 BSPWL1012 120 gsm
23 Premium White Laminated 10X14 BSPWL1014 120 gsm
24 Premium White Laminated 12X16 BSPWL1216 120 gsm
25 Premium White Laminated 6X3.5 BSPWL635 120 gsm
26 Elite White 9X4 BSEW94 90 gsm
27 Elite White 10X4.5 BSEW1045 90 gsm
28 Elite White 11X5 BSEW115 90 gsm
29 Elite White 9X4 BSEW94 90 gsm
30 Elite Yellow Cloth 9X6 BSEYC96 90 gsm
31 Elite Yellow Cloth 10X7 BSEYC107 90 gsm
32 Elite Yellow Cloth 10X8 BSEYC108 90 gsm
33 Elite Yellow Cloth 11X5 BSEYC115 90 gsm
34 Elite Yellow Cloth 10X12 BSEYC1012 90 gsm
35 Elite Yellow Cloth 10X14 BSEYC1014 90 gsm
36 Elite Yellow Cloth 11X15 BSEYC1115 90 gsm
37 Elite Yellow Cloth 12X16 BSEYC1216 90 gsm
38 Elite Yellow Cloth 14X17 BSEYC1417 90 gsm
39 Elite Yellow Cloth 9X4 BSEYC94 90 gsm
40 Elite Green Cloth 9X6 BSEGC96 90 gsm
41 Elite Green Cloth 10X7 BSEGC107 90 gsm
42 Elite Green Cloth 10X8 BSEGC108 90 gsm
43 Elite Green Cloth 11X5 BSEGC115 90 gsm
44 Elite Green Cloth 10×12 BSEGC1012 90 gsm
45 Elite Green Cloth 10×14 BSEGC1014 90 gsm
46 Elite Green Cloth 11×15 BSEGC1115 90 gsm
48 Elite Green Cloth 12X16 BSEGC1216 90 gsm
49 Elite Green Cloth 14X17 BSEGC1417 90 gsm

*Envelopes can be customized as per client requirements.